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The Application Process:

Thank you for your interest in the six-month Introductory Certificate program. Seating is limited.  Don't be disappointed! Apply NOW!

After reviewing the information about the six-month Introductory Certificate program, the next step is to complete the three-step sign-up process listed below.

  1. Review Eligibility Requirements
  2. Review Privacy Notice
  3. Complete the Application Form

Note: The link to the application form is located at the bottom of the page, right after the Privacy Notice. You must scroll past and review the Privacy Notice before proceeding with your application. This is to ensure you are informed about the collection and use of your personal information before submitting your application.

After we receive your application we will contact you by email to confirm receipt of your application.

We send you a link to complete a basic computer skills assessment to help determine your eligibility. We will also contact you to complete a telephone interview (approx. 30 minutes). This will give you a chance to receive more detailed information about the program and get personal assistance with your questions.

Note: You will need to complete the intake process (skills assessment and interview) in order to receive an "Acceptance Letter," confirming your seat. If you are pursuing funding, it is important to move through the acceptance process as quickly as possible so that you have a letter in hand for your career adviser.

Please feel free to contact Mary Alton, Program Manager, at 1-888-9-ASPIRE (888-927-7473), Ext. 703 at any time or by completing this contact form.

Eligibility Requirements (please review):

Candidates meeting the following criteria will be given priority consideration:

  • A specific interest in learning web design
  • Grade 12 or a mature student (or an equivalent combination of education and experience)
  • Basic or intermediate level computer skills
  • A suitable computer with high-speed internet connection
  • Ability to commit to the 20- to 30-hour-per-week study time requirement (workload varies by course)

Privacy Notice Statement

What is this?

We require certain personal information from you in order to register you in the Introductory program. This statement explains the purpose and use of your personal information.

Only information needed for registration will be requested. Collection and use of personal information is in accordance with the Federal Privacy Act.

The collection and use of personal information for this program is required for your participation. If you choose not to submit your information through this website, you may use one of the other collection channels listed below.

Purpose of Collection

We will use your personal information for the following purpose(s):

  • To verify identity
  • To understand the needs of our clients
  • To determine eligibility for our programs
  • To ensure a high standard of service to our clients
  • To meet our regulatory requirements

Information Retention

The Canadian Society for Social Development will retain personal information as long as is needed to meet legal and business requirements, after which the information is returned, destroyed, or erased.


This website uses "session cookies" to allow registered users the ability to login and access the program. These cookies reside on the web browser and expire as soon as the visitor closes the web browser. The cookies we use do not allow us to identify individuals. They are based on randomly generated user IDs. For more information about cookies, review the section about cookies in our General Privacy Statement.

Accessing Information you Submit

The Privacy Act states that you have the right to access your personal information and request changes to incorrect information. Once you are registered, you may contact us to request changes or to access this information.

Important Contacts

If you require clarification about this statement, contact our Program Manager.

For more information on privacy issues and the Privacy Act in general, consult the Privacy Commissioner at 1-800-282-1376.

For Further Program Information

Contact our Education and Training Coordinator: 1-888-9-ASPIRE (1-888-927-7473), Ext. 2.


By activating the "Proceed to Application" link below you are confirming that you have accessed this Privacy Notice Statement and are now ready to provide your personal information in accordance with this statement.

Once you have accessed the online application form, you may cancel at any time. If you cancel, none of the information you have entered to that point will be retained.



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